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Capital gains tax (CGT) becomes payable when you sell an asset, a property or make money from sales. The amount you pay in the form of tax depends on the value of the asset sold and your income.

When it comes to capital gain tax return, you need to take assistance from the people with knowledge and experience. At TAXCA, we can help you with all the capital gain tax returns as we have the expertise with all the UK CGT implications. 

Our professionals pay attention to every detail on all transactions and financial records for your business, so you don’t have a poor tax surprise when you sell your asset. They calculate the CGT that you have to pay on disposal while advising you on the reliefs and exemptions.

If you sell your property after 6th April 2020, you must report and pay the Capital Gain Tax within 30 days of selling your propety in the UK. You may have to pay interest and a penalty, if you do not report the gains on the property within the time limit.

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